A beautiful day in Chalkidiki


Flavours of Greece

Stay positive! The weather wasn’t warm enough for a swim today neither but I must say that we had a really great day anyway! To be honest, we would probably not have visited the Kassandra peninsula and Chalkidiki this much if the weather would have been better.

Today we have been busy visiting since early this morning. After breakfast we drove for about one hour to get to the village of Petralona, in Halkidiki or Chalkidiki. The drive was really pleasant as you drive among beautiful lush green olive groves, we even passed some cotton and chilli pepper plantations.

Peppar & Cotton

You will find the world-famous cave of Petralona just outside the village where a small train is waiting to take you to the entrance of the cave. The cave was found in 1959 and explored since the 60th. After years of exploration the Petralona cave has relieved a large number of chambers and corridors. The cave is huge and it is really impressive to visit the cave with all its incredible formations of stalactites and stalagmites.

The most important finding in the Petralona cave is a cranium from a man, the Petralona man. The specialists opinion diverge, some say that the cranium is 200.000 years old while others say it is 700.000 years. The original skull was given by the President of the Petralona Cummunity to the Thessaloniki University.

*Surprisingly  the guided tour of the cave was free of charge.

Skull Petralona

Ready for some luxury?

As our tour in Petralona finished around 02.00PM we decided to head for a late lunch at the superb and vibrant area of the Sani Marina. This is the place where you find several luxury 5-star resorts, spectacular beaches and a first class harbor with fabulous yachts. Sani is situated on the west coast of the Kassandra Penisula and it is really worth a visit. It was a friend of us, Sandra, who told us about Sani and I really must say that she was right about the place, it’s just magic.

Beautiful Sani Beach

After a short stroll in the Marina we ended up at “Sea You Bar” a rather chic and welcoming beachfront bar/restaurant with a stunning view. We ordered a club sandwich and some coffee, the meal was simple but very tasty and the staff was really professional and friendly.

I am sure that it must be awesome to come here in the evening for a drink or a meal. This trendy and truly beautiful place is surely the place to see and to be seen!

See You Bar - Sani MarinaSani

I must explain about the parking! When you arrive to the Marina parking you pay a fee of 10 euros per person. Those parking tickets can be used as payment in all the shops and restaurants during your stay. We used our tickets to pay our meal at the “Sea You Bar”.

Hanioti village

We drove back to Hanioti, the village where we stay, around seven in the afternoon. Both of us were really tired after the day trip and we decided to have a rather quick dinner at a restaurant called “Garry’s the king of Giros”. As you can imagine we ordered a Giros (also spelled Gyros),  a “must” when you are in Greece. You should have a try as it is both tasty and low-budget.

GyrosMore to come…

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