A bucket list can change Your life

Need some motivation, adventure or thrills…

Make Your own bucket list!
It can be a revelation for a new passion in life.

What is a bucket list?

It’s a list where you put things that you want to experience and do before you die. It can be anything from; walking from Paris to Rome, swim in every ocean on earth, eat a different ice cream flavor every day during one month or why not, learn to dance tango! There are no rules for a bucket list and the content of the list only depends on your aspiration and imagination.

Why do some people do bucket lists?

If You are looking for some adventure, changes in life, or just for the “fun of it”, a bucket list can be a really good idea

There is even a film, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, with the title “The Bucket List”. Laugh till I cry, kiss the most beautiful girl in the world or help a complete stranger are things that were put on the bucket list in the movie.

I just realized that a bucket list means to kick a bucket or in other words its “Now or Never”.

Here is one of our dream trips.

    Why not make Your own?

    Wonders of the world – our travel bucket list

    Naa, not really but many of the places we have put in our bucket are taken from the list of the Seventh wonders, in no particular order, here they are…

    • Beijing – China
      Or Peking as it is named as well is a city with a lot of history that we want to discover. Great wall of China is one impressive trip another one is the Forbidden city. Regarding food, I have eaten Peking duck several times before but I really want to try a real Peking duck in Beijing.
    • Berlin – Germany
      The great wall in BerlinBerlin is another city that has a lot of history that never shall be forgotten. One obvious experience is mighty the wall with the famous crossing Check Point Charlie. Another visit is the iconic Brandenburg Gate and of course the Stasi museum. One memory I have from an early visit in Berlin was that the east side has a somewhat different architecture that I want to see again
    • Angkor Wat – Cambodia
      I have close friends who speak very highly of Cambodia, yea he appreciated so much so that we cant avoid to put Cambodia and Angkor Wat on our bucket list. Angkor Wat is another important archaeological site that UNESCO has put on their list as well, and they can’t be wrong.
    • Chichen Itza – Mexico
      If you have followed us on our journey around the world you know that we like to experience different countries history and archaeological sites. Chichen Itza is a UNESCO world heritage site that has managed to climb up on the top three of our bucket list. Yea, I’m really looking forward to the day when I can grab my camera and see the Kukulcán pyramid in the viewfinder.
    • Havana – Cuba
      chevrolet in old town
      Have looked with envy at so many cool pictures from Havana. I can really see myself sitting in a bar; the temperature is peaking over brave 35 degrees an I’m cooling my self with a frozen Daiquiri. A big fan in the roof is slowly spinning in its endeavour to lowering the temperature and I’m looking out through the window and sees an old Chevrolet from the 50´s just parked outside the bar. I know, this is just a fantasy, but fantasies are what we are building up in our heads before we visit a new destination and are living the dream.
    • Istanbul – Turkey (planned done)visit Hagia SophiaBlue Mosque, Basilica Cistern and a city that belongs to both Europe and Asia, what more can you expect. Hagia Sophia – previous a christian church that later was converted to a mosque. Today its a museum.
    • Machu Picchu – Peru
      The top of Machu PicchuAn Inca site from the 1500 century, how cool isn’t that. Machu Picchu is another UNESCO world heritage site and was voted to be one the New Seven Wonders back in 2007. It was only in use for about 100 years and was abandoned as a result of the Spanish Conquest.
    • Petra – Jordan
      Time for a historical and archaeological trip again. Petra is known for its water conduit systems and the magnificent rock cut architecture. It is probably as old as from 300 BC and has been chosen by Smithsonian Magazine to be one of the 28 places to see before you die, so we decided to put Petra in the bucket as well.
    • Reykjavik – Iceland
      IcelandHow come that we want to visit a huge lava rock? Surely it’s much more than just that. Have been there twice before for about 10 years ago but never got the time to discover everything. Talking about memories, to be honest, I have eaten my most delicious dinner ever in Reykjavík. I was invited by an Icelandic guy to a restaurant that felt more like someone’s home, just slightly bigger. A guy that looked like someone from San Francisco in the late 60´s with a long ponytail came to our table; it was the chef for the evening. He looked at us, one by one, and after a while he said; is a 7-meal course ok with you guys. No use to fetch the menus, he already knew what we wanted he replied, and he did, a Memory for life.
    • Singapore -Singapore
    • Taj Mahal – India
      Something built of pure love can’t be wrong. When the emperor Shah Jahan´s wife died, he decided to build the most fantastic building in her honor. A must see..

    Assume that even you have a bucket list, what have me missed in your opinon, please comment below.