Abandoned in the wilderness

Abandoned petrol station

Out of petrol in the wasteland

Crete is a huge island and if you want to see something more than just the beach, you need to rent a car. In our case we arrived in Chania but had our hotel close to Heraklion, that´s two and a half hours drive with car. The guys at the hotel told us that it was possible to go by public transport but we didn’t dare.. to be honest, I think we where just to lazy.

Anyway, one of the days, we drove over to the other side of the island, that without a proper map, but that’s the charm with traveling, you might discover things you didn’t really expect as the picture above. Just in the middle of nowhere we found this abandoned petrol station. I can’t just pass by without stop for a few minutes and take a series of pictures.

Running out of water

Eating oysters in Cancale

I had never been to the Atlantic coast before, or at least not during the times when it´s heavy tides. This picture is taken on my first visit to Cancale and it´s also my first time to eat newly picked oysters from the sea. They say that you shouldn’t eat oysters in month that doesn’t have an R in them, freshly picked oysters is obviously a typical exception to that rule then. When the water was gone, I went out and looked at all the oyster cages and the stranded boats.

On tour in Marseille

guitarist in Marseille

When sitting and waiting for your ride, in this case for the TGV on a train station in Marseille, you will very much likely see a lot of people passing by in a hurry to their choice of transportation. Some with a lot of stuff to carry and others with nearly nothing more than a guitar and a backpack. This guy had just a few minutes earlier done some push ups outside the entrance. If you haven’t time to go to the gym, do it elsewhere was his motto.

The marketplace that never opened their doors

Resting in Parc Guell

Antoni Gaudi got an assignment to build a small but for the time being, a modern village just outside Barcelona. One of the buildings he made in this community was an exclusive market where people should buy their food, yea that was the intension anyway. It never happened, it was too expensive and no one could really afford to buy a house in that neighbourhood except for Gaudi himself. The picture above is taken on the roof of the market that never happened. Today it’s just a place for local and tourists to rest after a long day in Parc Guell. You can find more information about Barcelona and what Antoni Gaudi made during his life time which ended tragically in a tram accident.