About us

Share Our Best Travel Experiences

We love to travel and discover new things in life. Next year we’ll turn into 50 and we feel that we still have many things to explore.

For the time being our lives are shared between our journeys and two for us very special cities, the romantic city of Paris and the nordic beauty of Stockholm.

As our children are young adults today we do not need to plan our trips a long time in advance anymore. Nowadays it’s really smooth and easy for us to get away. Occasionally  we still make our travel plans month before travelling but usually we just make a decision where to go a few days before leaving.

We have decided that we will try to make life as easy-going as possible even if nothing ever is perfect, that’s life though! But we try our best to make it as enjoyable as possible.

We plan our travels a few days up to weeks ahead depend on the destination. All travel preparation is saved in our Google map collection and is something that we share with everyone who follow us and hopefully have use of it. The same applies for our photos, as long as you mention and link back to us, you are free to use the photos from our travel photo gallery. More street, concert and travel photos can be found on our photoblog – lifephotograpy.

Ulrika & Anders