At 450 meters height – Dubai day 2

Burj Khalifa All the way to the top
Woke up early in the morning eager for what’s coming next. Didn’t really need any breakfast, but of course a cup of coffee and toast where on Ulrikas agenda before we headed for the mighty Burj Khalifa so I had no choice. After a taxi ride for about 15 minutes we finally arrived at destination, or. Hey, this is a car park, where is Burj Khalifa we asked the taxi driver.

On the other side of the Dubai Mall he replied.

Just so you know, Dubai Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in the world, yea. It’s actually the biggest one in the world at the time when we visited it. So keep in mind that you need to add time for walk to the entrance of Burj Khalifa, which is inside the shopping mall. If you are traveling with your girl friend, or a shopping addicted person you need to add even more time to get there.

I must say that all organisations at Burj Khalifa are top-notch. We where admitted right on time and after another rather long walk we where at the elevators that soon should take us more than 450 meter up in the air.Water symphony in Dubai Regarding the tickets to Burj Khalifa. You can´t just walk in and buy the tickets, or. You can but it will cost you more and you will probably need to wait a couple of hours before you can enter the building. My suggestion is that you pre book the tickets on Internet in advance. And if you are a geek, you should check when the sun is going down to find the ideal time, because the sunset is the time to visit Burj Khalifa. More info how to book your ticket can be found in our Dubai info page under “when to enter Burj Khalifa”.

One day I will own a IWC

I mentioned earlier that we needed to walk trough Dubai Mall to find the entrance of Burj Khalifa, hmm who was that intelligent person who planned this. I mentioned in part one of the blog of Dubai that the souk´s had a lot merchant for us tourist, they are noting compared to the huge malls. I’m not a mall-hopper myself but this is a really good place to look for good-looking watches under the same roof. At this time I took my time to visit a few shops, shops like Blancpain, Bretiling, Tag Heuer among others. When we went to IWC I finally found my new favorite a Black IWC-Portuguese. One day, sooner or later I will have one on my left arm, even if it will cost me my right leg or arm.

Wintersports in Dubai

Skiing and skating in Dubai There are a lot do in these huge malls. In Dubai mall you can even strap on needle sharp skates on your feet and dance around on the ice like Evgeni Plushenko together with the locals. If you are more in to skiing, then take the cab over to Mall of the Emirates, they have 5 real indoor ski slopes at a total height of 85 meter. Ski Dubai is even the first indoors ski resort that have black runs. After a day on top and touch of somewhat faked winter in Dubai we finished the day at Souk Al Bahar and Abdel Wahab with another fantastic meal.

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