Sagrada FamiliaThe unfinished church

One of Spain’s most prominent architect was Antoni Gaudi and one of his most important monuments is Sagrada Familia, a building that even after 100 years isn’t finished. One of the last plans is to have it finished by 2026 which is 100 years after Gaudi´s death, but some people say that it never will be completed in time, it’s kind of a ongoing project to celebrate Gaudi. Anyway, even if it’s not finished, it’s really worth a visit.

What you see on the outside is just great, like a huge sandcastle on the beach, but it’s when you enter the inside you´ll see what it’s all about. I know for sure that there are visitors that doesn’t enter because of the long queue and they don’t think its worth the wait, trust me, it is worth it. But here comes the trick. Buy your ticket online in advance and you can more or less enter the church in no time.

It’s not only just the inside that is spectacular. I really recommend you to visit one of the towers as a part of the inside tour, it’s just breath taken. My recommendation goes to the tower “Passion”, but I am sure that the other towers have a great view as well. Just make sure that you have enough time inside the church/basilica before you enter the tower, for us was 45 minutes enough but you might need more. Just so you know, you will be transported to the top via an elevator but you walk down, but I know for sure that elder people can ask to go down via the elevator if they have the problem to walk downwards in to many stairs.

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Something you should have in mind when you look at Gaudi´s work is the form factor. At a particular period was Gaudi really in to nature and got a lot of inspiration from animals, especially how their skeleton is shaped, that inspiration can be seen on the outside of Casa Batlló.

Casa Batlló

Casa-Battlo andCasa-MilaJosep Batlló Casanovas hired Antoni Gaudi to renovate a building in the beginning of the 1900-century. The house was in so bad shape that they where close to tear it down. Luckily enough they didn’t. Casa Batlló is also known as “Casa dels ossos” which translates to “the house of bones”. The outside looks like a skeleton-like façade. A fun fact is that the complete building has more or less no straight lines. Casa Batlló is as of today one of his masterpieces and really worth a visit.

Casa Milá

This is another of Gaudis fantastic designed buildings, actually not far away from Casa Batlló. As in Casa Batlló you will not find any room inside Casa Milá that look the same and when you are there, take a look at the rooftop and the magnificent view.

Parc Güell

Parc Guell

Another of Gaudi’s important work is Parc Güell, actually on of southern Europe’s largest architectural monuments. The original plan was to build a new modern housing site up on the hills away from the smog and lively downtown area. The name Parc Güell is named by Eusebi Güell, the founder of the idea to build the site and later on one of Gaudi’s best friends and sponsors. Seven of Gaudis work has actually been declared world heritage site of Unesco. The closest metro to Parc Güell is Lesseps and then you have 15 to 20 minutes walk. Use the Google map link below and you will be guided in a snap. Do you hate to stand in line as much as I do, buy your tickets online and you have made your own Priority Lane.

La Rambla

La Boqueria de Barcelona

Or ramblan as some people call it is a wide boulevard at the length of 1,2 km. Here you’ll find everything from art performance to a opera house – Gran Teatre del Liceuand many many nice small restaurants and bars. You will also find a lot of market places as the flower market – Rambla de les Flors and my favorite; La Boqueria.

La Boqueria have its roots from 1200 century and here will you will find all kind of food and refreshments, really worth a visit. As late as 1994 did La Rambla got a extension out in the sea called La Rambla de Mar. La Rambla even has two metro stations, one in the beginning – Catalunya and one in the middle –Liceu.

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Hop On Hop Off

If you are up for nice relaxed guide of Barcelona, I really recommend you to take one the “hop on” busses that start from Plaça de Catalunya. There are a lot to see on this ride from Antoni Gaudis Casa Milà and Casa Batlló to the old Olympia stadium from 1992. You can easily just sit on the bus for the whole ride but I really recommend you at least stop at Gaudi´s work and take a closer look both from both the inside as well as the rooftop. The bus goes regularly so the wait for the next one are never long.

The easiest way to travel inside Barcelona is via their Metro. There are machines in every entrance and the pricing is what you can expect. You can actually go all the way to and from the airport as well but I’m lazy and went for a cab, which is reasonably priced anyway.

There are many hotels and apartments to choose from in Barcelona and if you don’t really know where to stay, then I recommend you to choose a hotel near Ramblas or Plaça de Catalunya which is the centre of Barcelona

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 Sagrada Familia – Metro – Sagrada Familia

Plaça de Catalunya

Casa Batlló

Casa Milá

La Boqueria

Parc Güell – Metro – Lesseps

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