Cabourg – casino at the shore

If you follow our travel blog, you probably know that we have one foot in Sweden and the other one in France. So it is not surprising if we travel around a little bit extra in one of these two countries, yea im referring to France of course (its really not that fun to be a tourist in your own country, we are both swedes).

Some time ago, we visited a village on the French west coast by the name of Cabourg. Cabourg is a typical coastal town that one can find in France with long streets along the water line and with both hotels and some odd casinos if you are lucky.

at the shore in Cabourg

During this particular weekend we visited Cabourg, it wasn’t the right temperature to take a swim in the sea. No, it was actually more of hanging in restaurants, eating and drinking well and after a well-deserved dessert, playing for one or two cents in the casino. Cabourg is a popular summer resort with an over 4 kilometers long sandy beach. Cabourg is also known for its beautiful villas where aristocracies in the early 1900 came in for weekend. Slowly the village starts to grow around the casino and the Grand Hôtel to what it is today.

casino or beach, a tough descision

During the day we walk through the city, which went relatively quickly, Cabourg isn’t a big village. We were looking after a fish restaurant that had got really good recommendations, and to conclude it, we can only agree. Yea, we have never been so satisfied by mussels before. The name of the restaurant you might ask? If you are in Cabourg, just look after l’Embarcadère.

As a typical swede we are always looking after a great cup of coffee, so we want for a walk again, but not far as you might understand.. everything are in a few minutes walking distance in Cabourg.

coffee break

We ended the day by going into the casino department that we don’t do that often. Honestly, it was the first time we were inside a real casino. We had only played on so-called online casinos before, which is at least as exciting too. But to slide up to a gaming tables are a bit special. A slot machine at a casino or in a mobile is not a big difference but standing at a table with other players with pockets stuffed with money is something, promise. Especially when we know that their Lamborghini is just outside and just waiting to be picked up.

We have now been to the French west cost several times and we can really recommend it. You have Normandy with all the memories from the D-day or the magnificent Mont St Michel that transfer you to Hogwarts in a snap, but for real. You’ve probably seen it on pictures and photos several times, but do you really know what it is? Mont St Michel is both a municipality and a monastery in the northern part of France and is regarded today one of our world heritage under the UNESCO list. With its 44 inhabitants is Mont St Michel one of France’s most popular destination with more than 3 million visitors per year.

visit Mt St Michel

Cancale in a (nut)shell

Another experience is from Cancale where you can eat Oysters more or less direct from the sea. We went to a restaurant just around the corner and bought two glasses, or plastic mugs actually, of nice white wine to go with the oysters. Walked down to the vendor of oysters and bought a platter for two. To be honest, I have never eaten oyster that fresh before. A visit to Cancale is really a must if you are seafood gourmand.

Oysters, fresh from the coast