Cassis and the Calanques

Cassis Port

One fantastic day in Cassis

At eight o’clock in the morning we already sat on a train, looking through the windows, in the Marseille St. Charles train station. Why this early hour? We where waiting for the train to take us to Cassis and the Calanques and as we just went for the day we didn’t want to lose any precious time.

A must-see! I have always heard people talk about how lovely Cassis is and how incredible beautiful the Calanques are.The Calanques are spectacular rocky cliffs with deep narrow inlets, a sort of Mediterranean “fjords” running along the coast. As we did spend a few days in Marseille, situated 30km. from Cassis, this was the occasion I’ve been waiting for!

It took us about 30min. with the train plus 15min. on a bus to arrive in the center of the village. Cassis is a charming and peaceful village situated between Cape Canaille (The highest sea cliff in Europe) on the east and the rocky Gardiole range to the west. I must say that You feel quite small next to those huge rocks! – Time table for the train

The Calanques


3,5 or 8 calanques. It’s up to You!
The first thing we did was to walk down to the port and buy two tickets on a boat cruise. You have two options when it comes to the visit, either You walk for hours or You take a boat trip. We went for the second option and  picked a cruise with 8 calangues in 90min. The boat-trip was just fabulous and You feel the need to snap a million photos when You see those magnificent calanques!

You can catch a boat-trip anytime during the year as long as the weather permits it.



We came back to Cassis around twelve. The cooling breeze and all the emotions made us hungry so we started to look for an inviting place to have lunch. Finally we found a great place called Saveurs Latine – Restaurant Corse (3, rue Docteur Séverin Icard – 13260 Cassis) in the narrow streets of the village. The food was excellent and the site calm and pleasant. This was the restaurant were we had our tastiest lunch during our week of holiday!

If You feel for some wine it could be nice to give the  local white wine a try as Cassis vineyards has the reputation to produce some of the best white wines in Provence (classified AOC – Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée).


Boat in Cassis

The perfect day!
Cassis offer beautiful beaches in the middle of the city and it was perfect to mix the morning cruise with some relaxing sunbathing in the afternoon. After two sunny hours on the beach we went for some shopping in the village and after that we started our journey back to Marseille.

Of course, You don’t have time to discover all of Cassis in only one day. So my conclusion is that we need to come back to this lovely place for more!

Addresses & Google maps

Saveurs Latine – 3, rue Docteur Séverin Icard – 13260 Cassis

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