Dont forget to check in

Air France

Do not get run over by the airlines

Did you know that many if not all flight companies oversold their flights? They really want to fly with all seats occupied and they know for sure that there are always people who miss their flights for some reason, late arrival to the airport, business people who got a late schedule changes and just don’t show up to people who just overslept. Yea, in short no-shows.

So with this information they always oversold with a few seats, the numbers are unknown and differ from company to company and destination. Most if the time (I hope) their complex math is correct and all seats are used, and now one need to be left on the ground.

Last man standing – to next flight

Do you check-in at the airport, don’t. Do you remember the fun game you played at kinder garden – Musical Chairs. The last ones to try to take a seat after the music stops are out. That´s what the airlines are doing with their passenger everyday when they are overbooked.

So if are you late for “check-in” it might happen that you are the one that will get a new later flight, often with some extra money for the hassle.

It’s an easy way to avoid that, check in online the day before and you have already got your seat and its doesn’t cost you anything extra. To my knowledge, it’s really rarely that they cancel/change an already checked in passenger.  This behaviour is something we need to get used to, the competition between the airlines are tougher and tougher and they really need every penny they can spare.

Terminal 1 at CDG

Another advantage of pre check-in is that you don’t need to stand in line for check-in at the airport; you only need to drop your bag, if you not travel light of course. I haven’t checked in my luggage for the last 6-7 years, I use either my camera bag or a backpack wich I always use as hand luggage. A flight today is more or less as taking the bus to work.

IATA has a document that states the passenger rights.

Everything wasn’t better before

You can’t compare a flight today with a flight for 20 years ago, it’s often much cheaper and you don’t need to sit in a sealed room with people who smoke anymore. The decision to prohibit smoking when flying was really a no brainer. Fun fact, next time you fly, take a look at your armrests, surprisingly enough, the ashtray are still there in many of the aircrafts, keeps my wonder, how old is this tin can I’m stuck in for the next two and a half hours? duh..

Another fun fact

Did you know that many if not all airlines avoid using number 13 as row number. Because of that, they never have any superstitions passenger who complain about sitting on row 13. On some airlines they even avoid using number 17 for the same reason.

Party Airline

Another, very much unverified, rumour is that there are airlines that don’t serve coffee with caffeine on long hauls, they prefer that the passenger sleep instead of getting to alert, true or not, I don’t know.

Do you have any other fun fact about aircrafts, airlines or anything that can be of interest, feel free to comment below.