Dubai Skyline Take New York, Egypt and Las Vegas and try to squeeze them in to one marvelous country and then you have Dubai. In short, Dubai is crossover country that deliver everything you can’t imagine and more. Why, because they can.

Transportation in Dubai.

First of all, you can´t really walk anywhere except for on the beaches and in the enormous malls, so taxi is the way to travel around in Dubai. To be honest, you can go by their new and nice subway but then you are stuck to two lines only (red and green) and as a tourist is it probably easier to just go by taxi. Did I mention that a cab ride is pretty cheap; the only exceptions are to and from the airport.

Burj Khalifa- At the top

Observation deck at Burj Khalifa One of the most obvious places to visit (if you dare) when you are in Dubai is of course Burj Khalifa – the tallest building in the world. If you plan to visit Burj Khalifa, I really recommend you to buy your tickets online in advance. Two reasons, it’s a lot cheaper to buy the tickets online and you can pre book both time and day for the visit. If you buy your ticket at the entrance of Burj Khalifa it will cost a lot more and the waiting list can be several hours if you´r unlucky.

Some numbers

Burj KhalifaSo if I got all numbers right, the observation deck (at the top) are at about 452 meters, but the towers total length is at majestic 829 meter. So we tourists are nearly only halfway to the top, which is cool anyway. Even if Burj Khalifa is as of today the tallest building in the world are their outdoor observation deck only on the second place in the world. Canton Tower which is built just after Burj Khalifa have their out-door observation deck at the height of 488 meters.

NEWS: Dubai like to stand out, obviously can´t the world’s tallest building not have the highest observation deck. Since end of 2014 has Burj Khalifa the highest observation deck.. again. Earlier could you go up to the height of 452 meters, which was 36 meters lower than the Canton Tower. The new observation deck(at the top SKY) is now at 555 meters, which is just over 100 meters and 24 floors higher up than before. Dammit, I need to go back.. again.

What time to enter Burj Khalifa then?

more views of Burj KhalifaSo what time do you want to enter Burj Khalifa, do you have any preferences? If not, You shall at least be aware that the tickets are running out pretty fast, especially around sunset. As you assume, sunset is probably the most beautiful time to visit Burj Khalifa, at least if you look at how fast these tickets are selling. So here is the tricky part. You can only book your tickets one month ahead which is a must if you want to enter the observation deck around sunset. Look at time&date to find when the sun is going down at the actual date you want to visit Burj Khalifa and keep your finger crossed that there are tickets still available. Don´t wait, really.. try to book your tickets a whole month ahead and you might be lucky to get the time slot  you are looking for.

Beaches and fun

Jumeirah Beach

It’s not only tall buildings desert safaris in Dubai, they have of course a long beach as well, it’s called Jumeirah Beach. But it’s not quite that simple. The beach is long and includes several beaches and beach parks. The following tips are all located along the 15 km long beach strip. One of Dubai’s major advantages is the well-kept public beach parks that everyone can use for free or for a small fee. Beach hotels on the other hand have limited areas where only hotel guests are welcome. Some accept paying day guests, but admission cost is usually high.

More activities in Dubai

Open Beach
Free beaches with both showers, toilets, shaded seating and dining options. Lifeguards and beach police keep track of the order, the only thing you need to be careful of is – just as all along the Jumeirah Beach – the sometimes strong tides. Keep track of warning flags. Is the red blanketed may settle for sunbathing. Open Beach is next to the Dubai Marine Beach Resort.

Public Beach / European Beach
Best Place to View hotel Burj al Arab from a nice beach for a dip in the Persian Gulf. Called “European Beach” because it almost only tourists here. Do not want to swim, ride at least here and admire the sunset. Just north of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel.

Jumeirah Beach Park
Large and well-maintained beach park with fast food kiosk, showers and changing rooms. Entrance costs 5 dirhams, sun loungers: 15 dirhams. Perhaps the best option for those who are not staying at a beach hotel. Note Mondays are only for women and children.

Al Mamzar Beach Park
Same concept as above, but this park has a better location for anyone living in Deira. It consists of a large and a small beach. There are rarely much people over there, but those who want to be sure to get the peace and quiet walk across the strip to beach number two, on the right as you come down from the entrance. Same cost as the Jumeirah Beach Park.

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Addresses & Google maps

Burj Khalifa – Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd

Dubai Airport

Open Beach – next to Dubai Marine Beach Resort & Spa Jumeirah Beach Rd

Public Beach / European Beach

Jumeirah Beach Park – Jumeirah Road, Near Emirates Hospital

Al Mamzar Beach Park – Next to Umm Suqeim Park