Eternal Attraction of Mona Lisa

cafe marley

Are You ready for some more sightseeing in Paris?

Today is an important day! We are going to visit the worlds largest museum, The Louvre or le musée du Louvre (75001 Paris). Here You’ll find one of the most impressive art collection in history. The Louvre was originally constructed as a fortress in 1190 and in the 16th century it was reconstructed to a royal-palace. The Louvre is absolutely huge, 60.600 m2. It was Louis XIV who let the Louvre become a museum in 1793 as he moved his royal residence to Chateau de Versailles outside Paris.

For a period the museum was known under the name of Musée Napoleon but after Napoléons defeat at Waterloo the museum took back the name of “The Louvre”.

Mona Lisa

The eternal attraction of Mona Lisa! I suppose that You already are aware that the most famous work of Leonardo da Vinci can be admired in The Louvre. When You see the painting for the first time You will get surprised how small it is (53 x 77cm) but still it’s Mona Lisa and You will get amazed over the beauty of the painting.

You can walk around in The Louvre all day or even a week, there are so many things to admire in this museum. Do not miss the Venus de Milo and Winged Victory also named Nike of Samothrace.

Victoire de Samothrace

* Just so that You know.. Le Musée du Louvre is closed on Tuesdays.


Le café Marley

Tired? I can imagine!
Why don’t You try the same restaurant as we did? On the picture You see my swedish friend Åsa and myself admiring the view of the pyramid, which also is the entrance to The Louvre, at Le Café Marly (93, rue de Rivoli – 75001 Paris). The restaurant is situated just outside the The Louvre, next to the Pyramid. You will discover a very nice and trendy restaurant with a large terrasse and a view that is just “magnifique”.

Bon appétit!

Hop-on Hop-off

Take the bus! After The Louvre we didn’t have any energy left so we went on a City Tour by bus. As always there are many different tours to choose from. Three examples of the “bus touristiques” are: Big Bus Les Cars Rouge, Opentour and Bus Foxity.

Dinner in St. Germain-des-Prés

Dinner at La Petite Cour

Saint Germain-des-Prés is a charming area of Paris, in fact one of the most attractive district for many Parisian. Saint Germain-des-Prés is a mixture of art galleries, stylish fashion boutiques and charming cafés and restaurants. You could say that Saint Germain-des-Prés is a kind of crossroad of all cultural trends.

It’s really hard to make a choice when it comes to the decision of a restaurant in St.Germain-des-Prés. We finally ended up in the very romantic terrasse of  La Petite Cour (8, rue Mabillon – 75006 Paris). It was just “parfait” and I can really recommend the place.

Before or after dinner…
Love is in the air! Take a look at the smallest square of Paris, the tiny and so romantic Place Furstenberg. The painter Eugène Delacroix (1798 – 1863), who was the most important of the French Romantic painters, used to live here and today the building has been transformed to Musée national Eugène-Delacroix (6, rue de Furstenberg – 75006 Paris).