Google map links – Père-Lachaise

Here is a collection of Google map links to the most visited tombs in Père-Lachaise in Paris. Famous masters as Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde and Jim Morrison are buried there and if you want to visit them and their friends without a proper map, you are lost…

Metro Père Lachaise – [Metro2 & Metro 3]

Collete – French novelist and performer [1873-1954].

Fredric Chopin – Polish composer [1810-1849].

Jim Morrison – American singer songwriter [1943-1971].

Marcel Marceau – French actor [1923-2007].

Moliere – French playwright and actor [1622-1673].

Edith Piaf French cabaret singer [1915-1963].

Gertrude SteinAmerican writer of novels, poetry and plays [1874-1946].

Oscar Wild – Irish writer and poet [1854-1900].

Honoré de Balzac French novelist and playwright [1799-1850].

Eugène DelacroixFrench painter [1798-1863].

Metro Gambetta – [Metro3 & Metro 3bis]