Guadeloupe – a paradise in caribbean


Sometimes I feel that there are many untaken photos out there, especially when you arrive to a new destination where everything is new and has never been captured by your eyes or camera before. This is what I felt when I recently travelled around in the Caribbean, to be more exact Guadeloupe and Marie Galante. The following pictures (this is part one) are from our 10 days trip and I know for sure that I haven’t taken all the pictures that I was aiming for, but we can always come back, and believe me, this is a place you really want to come back to.

One thing that puzzled me was that many of the locals was really friendly and delighted but not to keen to be captured on camera. Maybe that´s the reason that I believe that there still are a bunch of untaken photos waiting for me over there.

A punch in the belly

A punch in the belly

They drink a lot of alcohol over here or to be more precise, rum. They even have their own special drink base on rum called Ti Punch, where “Ti” stands for “petit” and punch is just … punch. Believe me, its dangerous, a plain Ti Punch is often made on 50 or 59 % clear or white Rum. I prefer it´s cousin who is made upon dark or aged rum. If that your cup of tea, then ask for Ti Vieux instead.

Resting Barrels

Resting barrels

We visited three Rum distilleries when we arrived to the island Marie Galante; Pére Labat, Bellevue and Bielle. Many of the more exclusive bottles can’t even be found outside of Marie Galante and are only sold direct at the distillery. Mojito isn’t the only rum drink for me anymore; Ti Punch and especially Ti Vieux are a great and “quick & dirty” alternatives.

Zombies from the sugarcane fields

Zombies from the sugarcane fields

The man on the picture above just came out from the sugarcane field, screamed and clenched fist against everyone who was standing in his way, assume he was heavily marinated of Ti punch.

The recipe is; crush some lime in a glass, you can even leave the rest of the lime in the bottom if you want. Add 1 to 2 spoons of brown sugar and fill half of the glass with pure rum. You can really understand that it’s really strong if you go for the standard version with white/clear rum at 59 % alcohol. Remember that they drink this as a starter before a meal, even lunch. Now we know where the stories about zombies in the Caribbean especially Tahiti come from.

A fisherman’s tool

Fisherman’s tools

An early morning as we walked around in the port of Pointe-à-Pitre, we met some fishermen cleaned and selling the day’s catch. Their tools are a number of beer bottle caps fixed on a piece of wood that seem to do the job for them.

It’s a pelican

it's a pelican

It wasn’t only the tourists and locals that wanted to buy fish. A very opinionated pelican did what he could to get some fish as well, but with no luck. He went back and forward a couple of times then he gave up.

Jetty out into infinity

Jetty out into infinity

I found this old somewhat dilapidated jetty in St Francois. The island that you see in the background is Marie Galant and it’s the same island as we visited a few days earlier and tried every possible rum varieties that they had to offer.

Part 2 – Rum, Coconuts & Ramshackle houses