Humans of Istanbul

Tak a ride in the old tram in Istanbul

All aboard.

On the “modern” side of Istanbul, you will find an old tram that is taking tourists to and from Taksim Square and the two-stations underground train. This tram has over the time become a very famous attraction for many tourists who like to be photographed in front of the tram just when it reached the end station and need to change direction once again

Merchants from the past

sales guys in istanbul

Above you see a typical sight of Istanbul, merchants who tries to convince that they have just what you need and to a price that are better then the other merchants down the street. After a while you get used to it and learn how not to be lured into a complex conversation. These two guys were really convinced that we needed a carpet and a flute for some reason; I disagree, which the of course disliked.

Head of pastry

head of pastry in Istanbul

We were surprised about how many fishermen’s that was standing on the Galata bridge every day. If they got hungry, there was always someone there to sell them some bread. If they didn’t buy it, the tourist did.

Coffee shop on the move

time for some Turkish coffee

You can find different kind of merchants in nearly every corner. If they don’t sell grilled corn, the sell roasted chestnuts, ice cream or coffee. These two guys was happily heading for their spot for the day and new challenges.

Fresh from the press

Fresh juice in Istanbul

Juice in every kind, this guy was prepared and was just waiting for some customers so he could start to press and squeeze some oranges and pomegranate to make some really fresh and tasty juice.

The waiters view

Blue Mosque view

Not every one has scenery from their work place like this guy. Don’t even think he is aware of it anymore. With a stressful job as a waiter, just standing in the window for a few seconds and look at the view will make any one calm and stress less I assume.

The game of Bozorgmehr Bakhtegan

Playing backgammon in Istanbul

I really like the somewhat relaxed day-by-day life the Turks seems to live, at least some of them. We found these guys more or less in the middle of the pavement, playing backgammon as it was the most important thing happening in the world for the moment. And who is Bozorgmehr then, he is the guy who invented backgammon.

And the band played on

Street band playing in Istanbul

One evening when we where on our way back to the hotel from the Galata tower we stumbled up on a street band that played for the tourists. Assume the belonged some way to the music store they you can see behind them.

Tailor in the bazaar

Tailor in the bazaar

This guy was making some kind of plaid as a special order for a customer that should come back the following day. Hope he made it in time. Liked his hat.

Miniature furniture and large men

Coffee in the old bazaar in Istanbul

If you don’t play backgammon, you might relax or just have an important meeting over a Turkish tea in the Grand Bazaar. Why the tables and chairs are so small, i don’t know, probably they need to match the size of the cups.