Humans of Marseille

Humans of Marseille

Capturing the pulse in black & white

There are constantly many things happening around us but we rarely pay attention and are often in a hurry to the next meeting or destination. That’s why I really love these small coffee shops situated on the pedestrian street or restaurants where you can sit inside but still have a full view of the street on the outside, preferable with wide open windows.  I can sit at these places with a cup of coffee for hours and just look at people who are passing by and very often a Kodak moment occur.

When we arrive to a new destination on our journeys we just love to walk around in a slowly pace with the camera ready for saving the moments that might happen around the corner.

Stripped & Uncovered

In this series of blogs called stripped & uncovered we picked photos from another photo bin then we usually use for our travel blog. The essence is that we also want to show the natural, uncoloured and sometime grainy side of the travel.

Why black and white? Good question, in my opinion a picture in black and white gives much more attention to the actual object in the picture. You cant hide behind vivid colors and clear blue sky.

Table for two

table for two in Marseille

This first series of pictures are all from our trip to Marseille. The picture above was taken just around the corner of our hotel – Pizzeria Di Venezia. We never got the opportunity to eat there even if we walked by several times, it was probably to close or we didn’t want to be to exposed.

Humans of Marseille


Really like to capture the city vibe and the people who live there and are the core of the community we visit. We where looking for some fresh fruit and didn’t want to go to one of the big shopping malls and went for a walk to the markets on the instead.

The girl and the pigeons


Every day we saw and old woman give food trough a small hole in the window to the pigeons. The girl in the picture isn’t the old woman, she was just curios of whats happening outside her window.

Ferris wheel and tightrope


There are a lot of beaches outside Marseille. We walked by the sea and came to a huge ferries wheel and saw a father and his daughter practice tightrope walking on a bicycle rack. The photo is taken at Plage du Prado.

Do you want to know more about our trip to Marseille, please read “let Marseille seduce you“.

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