Humans of Paris

game over

The city of love

In the series of Stripped & Uncovered have we finally reached the city of love – Paris.
Game over – First one out is not “a human in Paris” moment, it’s actually other way around. In one of our wanders around Paris we went by an abounded tennis court. The tennis court was locked but when I was standing outside the fence, seeing the lonely tennis ball on the court, I couldn’t resist jumping over the fence  and take a few photos.

It’s not always what you expect

Le Defense

Have you ever been up in Arc de Triomph? When standing at the top and you have Champ Elysee’s behind you, in the distance you will see La Defense, Europe’s largest business district. Wintertime they have huge Christmas market on the square just in front of Grande Arche. Summer time the Parisian people are just strolling around or resting of the stairs and just looking at people, which we like to do as well.

Sometime you get surprised. I saw two girls hanging on the stairs intensively argued about something. I grabbed my camera and took a photo. Didn’t paid any attention to the picture until a few weeks’ later when I developed the picture on my laptop and found something that sneaked its way in to picture. Children are funny and they don’t really care what they are wearing in that age, not even in front of hundreds of other people.

Silhouette of a Woman

Women in silhouette

Same weekend we went to village just outside Paris called Saint Germaine en Laye which is very much as Paris but just smaller. Once again we looked for a place to stay and just looking at people. I was more or less waiting for someone to enter my view and suddenly she walked by, just a few meters in front of us. In the back you see Le Defense, the finance district I mention earlier. You can even see a part of the Grande Arche.

Smoking man in Saint Germaine

paris For some reason I like Silhouettes, its gives the viewer room for imagination. Is the person black or white, does he have a moustache or is she blonde, you get the picture. Spoil alert, in this picture we have a typical French man with beret and a moustache, probably on his way to buy a baguette.

Clown in the mirror

clown in paris

This one is taken just before we went to an exhibition with Henri Cartier-Bresson, some people call Henri the father of street photography / life reportage. In short, many photographers have been inspired of his work. The guy on the picture above isn’t Henri.. I don’t know if its Binky, Bozo or Buggy but just a few minutes after I took the photo he was entertaining the children in front of Centre Pompidou, centre of national art and culture.

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