Île de Ré a Timeless Beauty

Ile de Re

You will love this place!

Ile de Ré or “The Island of Ré” is a fabulous island and a fantastic place to spend Your next holiday. The island will charm You as soon as You get there, at least that was what happened to Anders and me. Just admire the well-preserved nature on the island and all those sandy beaches, gently sloping down towards the water. The geographical situation is just perfect as it offers more sunshine than almost anywhere else in France, around 2300 sunny hours per year. Only Corsica or the Riviera can beat that!

The architecture of the island glows in white, blue and sandy colors and is truly stunning. By the way, You often see pictures from l’ile de Ré in fashion magazines. Like what you read, follow our blog with Bloglovin

The first thing to do on l’ile de Ré is to rent a bike. By far, this is the healthiest and easiest way to get around on this flat island (30km x 5km). As there are bicycle tracks all over the place You’ll get around real safe and easy.

When You get tired of biking there are heaps of fun things to do here. Why don’t You try some horse riding, golf or wind-surfing?

French people just love l’ile de Ré, especially for the spring and summer break. You will find a lot of Parisian families, notably those so-called Bobo Chic (Bourgeoise-Bohème), the new trendy upper-class population, overswarm the island.

Easy access

Bridge of L'Ile de Ré

Since 1988, You just take the bridge (2.9km) from La Rochelle to reach l’ile de Ré. There is no doubt that the construction of the bridge has changed a lot of things on the island. Today the tourism and the real estate prices has reached a really high level when it comes to number of visitors and real estate prices. In fact, summertime the island has a peak population of about 220.000 persons and during the winter season there are only 20.000 residents. Luckily, You never feel the crowd in summer, not even on the beach, as people are in different areas on the island, dispatched all over the place.

There are several solutions getting there. In La Rochelle, on the other side of the bridge, there is an airport (5min. from the bridge) and a train station in the city. Of course it’s also possible to arrive to l’ile de Ré by car.

Anders and I left La Rochelle, where we stayed for two happy days, in the morning around 10h00. We payed the fee and crossed the bridge to l’ile de Ré in only 10 minutes. You better be there early because one hour later there was a huge traffic jam on the bridge due to the peak season.

Lunch at Saint Martin de Ré


A lovely spot.
After a lazy morning on the beach we needed something to eat and decided to go to Saint-Martin-de-Ré. Once arrived, we picked one of many restaurants in the fortified and oh so charming village of Saint-Martin-de-Ré, just at the port.

The coastal village of Saint-Martin-de-Ré has a genuine atmosphere with that old faded beauty that I love. What makes it even better is when You discover the area in the Old Port, surrounded by nice restaurants, ice cream shops and shops of all kinds.

Vacation feelings!
In my opinion, the lovely village of Saint-Martin-de-Ré is the perfect spot to spend a few hours a  sunny afternoon or a warm summer evening.  Just strolling around, eating an ice cream, decompress… vacation!

Where to sleep?

Saint-Martin-de-RéYou have several charming and comfortable hotels on the island. If You are planning to visit l’ile de Ré in the summer I would recommend You to reserve Your accommodation well in advance. Most hotels and private home house rentals will get fully booked real quick.

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Addresses & Google maps

Tourist Office – 3, Rue du Père Ignace – Saint Martin de Ré

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