In Antoni Gaudi’s footsteps


Prepare to be amazed.

After a full day in Barcelona with a lot of walking we decided to have a relaxed typical tourist day with a tour on one of the Hop on Hop off buses. All the buses start at Plaça de Catalunya. After a few minutes we reached our first stop – Antoni Gaudi’s amazing and totally insane designed building Casa Milá. We took the elevator to the top and wandered around on the rooftop for a while. The view is just amazing and he has really surpassed himself and designed the roof and all chimneys in a typical Gaudi style.

Rooftop of Casa MilaWe walked our self slowly down the house and found out that it wasn’t only the rooftop and the façade that hade gone trough a total Gaudi revamp. We couldn’t find a room that looked the same in any sense. No straight angles and for the time it was designed and built, it was really top-notch.

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After an hour in Casa Milá we headed for the bus and continued our journey all the way via Caixa forum and the Olympic stadium from 1992 to Miramar Jardin Costa iLlobera and Restaurante Miramar where we stopped for a lunch. The restaurant Miramar is located at one of the hills just close to the Mediterranean and Hotel  Miramar  with a magnificent scenery over the bay.

When the lunch break was over we took the bus to Mirador de colom or the Christopher Columbus statue, as some people know it. It’s actually the start or stop of the Rambla depend where you start.Barcelona Bay

We slowly start to walk up the 1,2 km long Rambla and looked at a bunch of amazing street performance artists. On our way up to Plaça de Catalunya and our hotel we went in to the La Boqueria, an old market place where you find everything from fresh fruit to fish and colorful spices.

Time to meet an old friend

The trip to Barcelona is something that has been in planned for many years, not only because of the beach & big city Barcelona but for an old very good friend that I haven’t seen for many years – Pep Agullo. When we finally arrived at Plaça de Catalunya Pep came by and picked us up in his car and drove us just to a really nice beach restaurant called Boo Restaurant & Beach Club “C/ Playa Nova de Mar Bella, s/n, 08005 Barcelona”. The restaurant looks very much as a boat that has been stranded on the beach after a horrendous storm. Anyway, I really recommend Boo Restaurant & Beach Club, the food was just amazing and we had never found this place by ourself. You really need to have a local by your side to find one of these treasures. Many thanks for that Pep, we will surely come back.

After the dinner he drove us up in the mountains to finish the day over a cup of coffee and talk about old memories with whole Barcelona just below us.

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