Lost in the desert of Dubai

Lost in the desert

Our last day was in the sign of the desert with a lot of sand, camels and dune bashing. Even this trip was rather late in the day because it included both daylight in the dunes and some dinner under a pitch-dark sky as well. It nearly didn’t happen, we don’t know for sure but we should have been picked up 1500 sharp.

We where standing outside the hotel and saw several jeep´s come by an picked up waiting people, but we was never on the list. We booked our jeep safari at the hotel so went over to the counter and ask them call the company who arranged the event. We did not get any proper answer more than that they where on their way they said.

When they finally arrived over one hour late I was close to cancel the trip, which I luckily  didn’t. The driver blamed the car, a tire needed to be changed he said. To be honest, I think he just forgot us. Anyway, he was now driving as a car thief and we came to the first stop and got our first photo break in the dunes.

Dune bashing in Dubai

After the break it was time for some serious dunes bashing. As they say in the brochure, if you have a weak heart, stay at home. And I understand why, it’s was more or less terrifying, but in a fun way. In our jeep we where 6 people plus the driver and I feel for the guys at the very back, they couldn’t see much at all, they were just bumping up and down in the seat for the ride. I asked the driver if he ever had fallen over and he said, yea every driver does that from time to time.

After some serious car driving we ended up in a camp in the middle of nowhere, or that was the plan but I think that it was at least over hundred of jeep out in the dunes at the same time so there where not only one camp out there. At the camp we got a kebab or skewer with meat and vegetables. And as these kind of happenings, it ended with a girl who did some belly dance and an insane spinning dancer who really got me carsick, which the jeep driver never succeeded with.

Just before sunset in the desert

Expo 2020 in Dubai

We passed by a huge construction area several times during our visit, which we found out is a new upcoming district. If you visit Dubai in the next couple of years you will see this new city take place for the upcoming World Expo in 2020 that Dubai applied for and won against Turkey, Russia and Brazil. We already know that Dubai never does it small in any way, so be ready for some serious new buildings or actually a complete new district inside Dubai. They expect that there will be at least 25 millions visitors during the entire World Expo.

Ferrari World – Abu Dhabi

Ferrari worldWhy change a winning concept. Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is the worlds largest indoor amusement park, and if that wasn’t enough. They have the world’s fastest roller coaster as well; it’s a Ferrari roller coaster of course. If you are in Dubai, you should try to book a day in Ferrari World. The easiest way is to go by taxi or rent a car. A cheaper option is public transportation. Emirates Express bus from Al Ghubaiba bus station to Abu Dabi. When arriving Abu Dhabi central bus station you will need to take bus number 190 which takes you to Abu Dhabi and Ferrari World.

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Ferrari World – Yas Island – Abu Dhabi


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