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La Familia

Vivid colors by Gaudi

Maybe a somewhat misleading headline, I mean, the headline “Priority Lane” is actually relevant for all of our destinations, not only Barcelona. Yea you could say that eTravel Clouds is your priority lane to your holiday from now on. When traveling to Barcelona for the first time, there a few sites you really need to visit. So even if this was my third time over here, I have never got time to experience Barcelona as a tourist before.

This time we finally got some time to prepare, plan and pre book some activates. Yea, I’m actually don´t like to have a holiday with a to strikt agenda, but this planning actually gives some extra holiday time in the end, so it’s really worth the time. Why stand in line for a museum, some kind of attraction, monument or restaurant for that sake when you can buy ticket or book your table online and go via the priority lane all the way trough.

Something that you can’t miss and you will see nearly everywhere in Barcelona are the trails from Antoni Gaudi, a famous architect from late 1800. His art is really different to everything else you probably have seen before, and if you see something that popping out from the normal architecture in Barcelona, it’s probably Gaudi and his entourage that have gone nuts.. again.

I have been in Barcelona several times before but never got time to see the inside of Sagrada Familia. I told my self, that this is the time, it really must happen. With that in mind I booked our tickets for the entrance early in the morning and a visit to the one of the towers as well 45 minutes later. The tower visit is an additional ticket to the entrance, but if you are visiting the church, I really recommend you to take the elevator to the top in one of the towers.

Inside Sagrada FamiliaSagrade Familias has 8 towers, but they are all in pair, two and two so you can only choose between 4 towers for the moment. There will be 8 or 9 more towers in the end, that’s the plan anyway. My recommendation is that you choose the tower named  “Passion”, but I would say that the view from any of the other towers will probably blow your mind as well.

Anyway the inside of Sagrada Familia is just amazing, see the pictures above and you get an idea what to expect, but it’s really hard to make any justice to the inside in only a few pictures; you really need to see it for yourself.

In the crypt that you might get a glimpse of; lies Antoni Gaudi himself. He died a bit to early, ok, he was 73 but he had a lot more to do. He was run over by a tram and went unconscious. No one recognized him and they took him for a homeless and didn’t got right treatment until it was too late.

When we at last managed to pick up our lost jaws and walked all stairs in the tower Passion, it was finally time for a lunch break and a few minutes of rest before some more walking, because after the lunch we were heading for Parc Guell.

Parc Guell

Market Hall in Parc Guell

Parc Guell is enormous Parc where Antoni Gaudi´s was responsible for the design and shaping. It was meant to be som kind of modern suburb away from down town Barcelona but it never finished, they only managed to build two houses and some other buildings as the market hall you can see on the picture above. Parc Guell is great to visit in the afternoon and just strolling around in your own pace.

Ones again we had bought our tickets online and could go straight to the entrance without annoying lines of waiting people, that´s our own Priority Lane and it doesn’t cost us anything extra.

Parc Güell, is today an enormous park where Antoni Gaudi´s was responsible for the design and shaping. It was meant to be a modern high-class suburb just outside the down town Barcelona, but it was never finished, in fact, only two houses was built where mr Gaudi lived on in one of them, the other was a show room. No one could really afford to buy a house so after this disaster the owner Eusebi Güell decided to give the whole area to the city and it went to a park in the end. Parc Güell is a great place to visit in the afternoon and just strolling around in your own pace. Find more information about Barcelona at our info site.

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