Road trip in Northern Italy

Road trip trough ItalyWe are just in the process of planning our road trip to Northern Italy later this summer. We got really inspired after our last road trip through France two years ago. That road trip resulted in the fact that we now have an apartment in southern France, more precise in Nice. We will see if this little trip leads us to buying a vineyard in Italy. Can definitely see myself sitting under a cork oak with a glass of red in my hand when in retired.

The road trip

Anyway, all stops on the trip are now booked even though we haven´t planned everything we want to do yet. The trip starts in Milan where we will go straight to Salo, located on the western side of the Garda Sea. There we will stay a few days to do some day trips to nearby vineyards and other sights.

BaroloIn principle, you can´t visit northern Italy without staying in Venice. However, it will only be a short stop and then continue through Florence and then stay for a few days in Chianti.
After a couple of days in Chianti, we will head north again through Pisa and up to Barolo for another stop. In Barolo we will be visiting one and the other vineyard.

The journey is about to end, but before we return to Milan, we will be staying in Como, which is rather close to Milan and the airport.

That’s what we have been planning so far. Suggestions for both restaurants and wineries along the route are welcome, please comments below.