Roadtrip in France

road trip in france

Last year we made a combined road trip/train trip throughout France with destinations as Bordeaux, Marseille, Cassis, Ile De Re and La Rochelle. We liked so much so we decide to do it again this year. Ones again both west and south cost will be visited.

Preparing the gear

gear for travelIn a weeks time we will fill our Peugeot (a French car of course) with our gear and I hope that our cameras will externalize our trip as always. New lenses, tripods and even a wireless flash system (what I am now going to use that for). More info about the gear in the post “The travelers best friend“.

The route

We start from our second home – Paris and our first short stop will be in Bordeaux, yea its more or less an overnight stay only but I really hope that we will get there in time for a nice dinner by the river. Anyway, next stop – Biarritz is a little bit longer because we want to get the time to learn some surfing on the waves, at least want to try it.

After Biarritz we are heading for the Pyrenees which I really looking forward to. I can already see myself preparing the tripod and my camera gear for some stunning (if the weather permits) shots.

Don’t know much about Perpignan.. yet but I really want to see their cathedral and the medieval church of Saint-Marie-la-real before we leave.

Have never seen or photographed pink pelicans or wild horses before, that’s what I expect to do in Parc naturel régional de Camargue at least. Camargue is Western Europe’s largest river delta so we probably need to bring our rubber boots with us.

Our longest stop will be in Nice. Reason for that is that we have a dream of finding an apartment over there, maybe not right now but in the future. So we will stay in Nice for a couple of day and get time to feel the atmosphere and perhaps find out in what part of Nice we shall look for a future apartment then.

The Millau bridge

On our way home we will make another photo stop in Millau. The Millau bridge was when it was built the world’s highest road bridge in terms of the total construction height where one of the pylons are 343 meters high, and the world’s second highest bridge in terms of height above ground below at most 270 meters.

Time to pack my bag and charge all my batteries for the cameras.

ps. the map & route below will be updated as we go, please follow us on Facebook or Instagram for daily updates..