Roadtrip in southern France in black & white

On the way to the waves

With full focus on the sea, he can’t wait until he will break the waves. Leaving everything behind and have only the surfboard in his hand. I told myself before I left home that this is the time I will try it out. I could really see myself riding the waves and see the foam whips around the surfboard. But it didn’t happen, next time maybe.

Villa Belza


The mystical Villa Belza is situated between port vieux and Côte des Basques. If didn’t  knew better I would say that its directly taken from the books of Harry Potter or maybe something as scary as Birds by Alfred Hitchcock but as I’m aware its just apartments.

Bar hopping or street surfing


You can’t go anywhere without seeing someone with a surfboard in Biarritz, it feels like bicycles in Amsterdam. As mention above, next time I will try one by my self… promise.

Without sunscreen in Biarritz


Sometimes, you discover that you are standing in front of an image and you can in your own pace just take the picture without any stress. This one is a bit wacky; a large sand castle in the foreground and a lonely couple that are sunbathing. Should point out that the sun hasn’t been out at all and its midday. Get a small sense of Martin Parr but in black and white.

Art Deco in Biarritz


The first museum at the sea of Biarritz opened back in 1871 and the current building that is of Art Deco style, opened in 1933 and has a large collection of marine animals and stuffed birds. I have probably not seen as many Art Deco style houses as I have seen on this trip before, love it!

If looks could kill


One would think that the waiter was anything but happy, but that was not the case. He was mostly just concentrated on keeping up with taking care of all customers within a reasonable time. Simply could not help my self and perpetuated him in black and white.

On the road to nowhere


After a few days in Biarritz, we took the road past the Pyrenees, of course, where we greatly taken by surprise by heavy fog. Once at the hotel (that we only found thanks to our GPS) we heard a lot of scary sounds in the mist..

Lama, the new pet?


Mentioned that we heard some scary sounds in the mist the day before, it was actually goats, donkeys and funnily enough lamas that had frightened us. A day without fog shows that they aren’t that scary, you can nearly have them as a pet.

Flea market in Perpignan


One begins to wonder if this man has bought his entire clothes collection at the flea market that very day. They say it is in these markets that you will find valuable things as old Picasso paintings, but I did certainly not find anything that I wanted to bring home.

Looking for wonders


Lourdes is the most visited place of pilgrimage and is visited annually by more than six million pilgrims, this is due to a 14-year-old peasant girl, Bernadette Soubirous, in 1858 claimed to have seen apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the Massabielle cave near the city, an event that Catholic Church celebrates as Our Lady of Lourdes.

A bridge to the sky


The Millau is 2460 meters long and has six long main span. The longest is 342 meters and the tallest pylons are 343 meters high. The Viaduct was when it was built the world’s highest road bridge in terms of the total construction height

Mirror mirror


Beautiful Nice in the early morning, the city wakes up slowly and the coffee shops is soon filled with coffee and croissant hungry customers. This is Promenade du Paillon.