Santorini, as mythical as Atlantis

Oia - Santorini

Azure blue and historical destination

On our journey around the Greece archipelago was Santorini one of our bucket list destinations. I really love the old Minoan mythology, because the world as we know it more or less started with these guys. Santorini is, or what’s left of it just a huge volcano island. It had a major eruption back in 1600 BC and the tsunami that occurred nearly wiped the northern part of Crete away.

Late arrival

We came in really late and grabbed a cab straight to the hotel El Mar Villas. The hotel is owned by two lovely sisters, who did whatever they could to make our stay as memorable as possible. We found the hotel by pure luck when we played with Google map on my laptop. The reason was that we preferred to have a hotel more or less on the beach, at Kamari beach.Find more hotels at

As I mention above, Santorini is a volcano island, which means that the beaches are made of volcanic dark gravel. So You not only get burned in the sun, You might burn your feet of as well.

Kamari Beach

Volcano hopping

After a relaxing day on the beach we decided to take a boat trip to what’s left of the volcano, and yes it still alive, but sleeping. After a bus ride we came to Thira port where all large boats arrive, and not to mix up with the old port. We found our home for the day and set sail to Nea Kameni and Palia Kameni which are Mediterranean two youngest islands. On Nea Kemeni can You walk around and it feels somewhat strange. The whole island is like a moonscape, and if You pay attention, You can see how the volcano is slowly breathing and You can see steam seeps out from small openings in the lava rock and if You put your hand to the ground, You can feel the heat, it’s just fascinating.

The next stop was at Palia Kameni which was just a short break when everyone who wanted could jump of the boat and swim in to the island and smear us in with the as they call it magical mud. It will make look at least 5 year younger they said. I’m not sure, but it was all fun to see a bunch of good-looking tourists all smeared in with mud. They mention that this island also was a home for turtles, but I couldn’t see anyone, and I really looked after them.

See Oia and then You can die

Donkeys in Greece

The last stop for the day was at the island Thirassia a relatively small island with only 150 citizens. We had the option to walk to the top of the island, they said that the view is just marvellous, but we decide to take a break in the harbour and eat lunch instead. To be honest, we started to walk but after a few minutes in 35 degrees (Celsius) and poorly made stairs we gave up, probably because we weren’t as fast the donkeys with tourist on their backs.

You can’t go to Santorini and not visit Oia, or Ia as some call it. When You see postcards or really good-looking picture from Greece, its probably taken in Oia. So last day of our trip was obviously to Oia then. My suggestion is to be there in good time to see the town it pure day light and the when the sun slowly start to lower it self in to the sea, walk to the very end of Oia and You will be just amazed, probably with hundreds of other tourists, but it´s totally worth it. The beauty of Oias has got many artists to settle down there for good. That’s why You find a lot of galleries in every alley.


Some people think that Santorini could be a part of the old and mystical Atlantis. There is of course no real evidence but that doesn’t matter, the myth will probably never die.

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