Seven star hotel – only in Dubai

view from Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa - DubaiAfter a somewhat extraordinary day downtown Dubai with a winter theme and a visit to the largest building in the world, we decided to take it even one step further. Why not visit the one and only seven star hotel in the world – Burj al Arab. The only way as of today to visit Burj al Arab is to either book a suite or make a reservation in one of their fancy restaurants. The decision was easy so I picked up the phone, made a reservation for two persons for a “afternoon tea” in their lobby restaurant  – Sahn Eddar.

Must say that they where really professional during the reservation, they asked me many questions because as they said, they really wanted to make this an evening we never forget. With that said, we got our reservation for the evening to the day after and we could happily go to bed.

The following day was a day of or actually more of a long wait to the afternoon tea Ulrika and me eagerly was waiting for. So we decided to stay at the hotel and spend some time at the pool that is located at the top of the hotel. The view was great at the day and even better when the sun decided to sink down in the Persian Gulf.

Ramada Jumeirah

When we planned this trip we found out that one of the restaurants at the hotel had got many really good reviews, so why not try one them for lunch as an appetizer for the evening. The restaurant we picked was Ginger and they serve as they call it the new generation of Asian fusion cuisine.

Now I realize that I haven’t mentioned what hotel we chose for this whole trip. Our stay for the week was at Ramada Jumeirah Hotel and it’s a price worthy 4 star hotel just 10 minutes with taxi to down town Dubai and not far to the beaches even if you need take shuttle bus to get there.

Book a hotel at After lunch I found out that it must be something wrong with my watch because it was moving so slow. But at last, the time was up for another taxi ride, this time to Burj al Arab.

Finally at Burj al Arab

Dinnar at Burj al Arab

We where a bit early and took the opportunity to relax in the lobby and of course to check in to Burj al Arabs free WiFi. After a few minutes with “check in” at both Facebook and Instagram we went to the stairs that ended at the Sahn Eddar, the lobby restaurant.

It didn’t took more than merely 10 seconds and the waitress was there to pick us up from the counter and lead us to the table. Directly she asked if we wanted to start with tea or a glass of champagne. Hard choice… nah, we both went for a glass of champagne.

The second waiter must have waited behind the curtain or because he was at our table with the chilled bottle of champagne just in time for us to be stunned about the service. Even if the menu says afternoon tea, they serve champagne as well. In addition to the champagne, we got a wide array of tea flavours to choose from even if I went for an Espresso. The food was based around finger sandwiches and pastries, all nicely served. I wasn’t sure if this should be enough for me, but it really was.  During the visit where there a string quartet playing laid back classical music.View from Burj al Arab

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