Seven thrilling things to do in Stockholm

Stockholm City Council at sundown

The Vasa museum

Warship Vasa in Stockholm

Let´s go back in time, more precise to 1628 and the Stockholm harbour. You are standing on the dock and waving and cheering together with hundreds, maybe thousands of other enthusiastic people, because today is the day that the royal ship Vasa has its maiden voyage.
For the first couple minutes everything is just fine. The ship is slowly leaving the dock and nobody could foresee the drama that soon should appear in front of all spectators. Just after a few minutes the royal ship leaves the dock it capsized. They don’t know for sure why it happened but it was very much likely more than one reason that it sank just after 1300 meters at sea.  After many years in the cold dark depths the ship was salvaged in the 1961 and are today Stockholm’s best attraction and best museum in Sweden. You will find the Vasa museum at Djurgården. Fancy for a Stockholm City tour including a visit to the Vasa museum? Here you book your tickets.

From the bottom of the oceans to the top of the world

The royal castle in Stockholm

Not far from Djurgården and the Vasa museum you will find one of the best views of Stockholm, does that sound appealing, Kaknästornet is the place to go then. Kaknästornet is mainly the citizens of Stockholm´s TV tower but it also has a nice a restaurant at the top where you easily can spend a few hours. On one side you will see the complete view of Stockholm and the royal castle (see pic above) and if you turn around you will get a glimpse of the famous and beautiful archipelago.

The old townNarrowest alley in Stockholm

If you want to go back in time again and see Stockholm as it looked like in 1600 century, you really must visit the old town or Gamla Stan as it called in Swedish. Gamla Stan is actually older than 1600. One of the oldest streets in Gamla Stan is called Köpmangatan and has its roots back in 1323. With its 90 centimetre is Mårten Trotzig Gränd the narrowest alley in Gamla Stan.  See picture above. When exiting the alley, just turn left and you are at Järntorget where you will find some nice restaurants and cafe´s.

Priority lane to Stockholm – The Stockholm Card

Priority lane to StockholmWith the Stockholm Card you will get admission to more then 80 attractions and museums. You also get unrestricted use of public transports as metro, buses and trams as well as discount on sightseeing busses.

A journey that will take you all the way thru the roof.

Roof top hiking

Can you imagine that you are balancing on the rooftop on a building from the 1600-century, and the only security is a helmet and tiny rope, we are talking about roof top hiking. In 75 minutes you will be guided through Stockholm’s own “old town´s” history, no more standing in a dark  narrow alley´s and wondering how it looks like up there, that’s what rooftop hiking is all about. Minimum height of participants is 150 cm and you should not be afraid for heights. Book your own journey through Stockholm’s history at takvandring´s homepage. If you afraid of heights, try the historical walking tour of Gamla Stan instead.

Three crowns


When you are wandering around in the old town you might end up at a small harbour not far from the central station. In the distance you might see something that looks like a big brown stone church with three crowns at the top. Now you have found Stadshuset (the photo on top). It’s the place where Stockholm City Council Mayors and vice mayors meet and work. Maybe more important, once every year they are holding the great Nobel price banquet in Blå salen (the blue hall, but it isn’t blue) in Stadshuset. If you want some more stunning views of Stockholm, Stadshusets tower is the place to go. You can you actually walk all the way up, that if you not are lazy enough for the lift of course, its only 365 steps.

Stockholm at midnight

If you visit Stockholm during summertime you will find out that the sun is only dipping the horizon for a short while. This one is taken around midnight in July.


Drottninggatan (Queens street) is a 1,5 km long partly pedestrian street that starts not far from Stockholm Castle (hence the name) in the old town and it will take you all the way up to Stockholm old Observatory. You can easily walk the whole way and on your way you will find many great restaurant, coffee shops as well as shopping malls. If you are craving for some food are Grill and Bistro Boheme are two good recommendations for you.

Globen arena

Stockholm Globe Arena

If you take the metro to Globen you will very soon see something that looks like a giant golf ball, it’s Globen Arena. Inside the arena you can see everything from horse jumping, ice hockey games to concerts. On the outside you might see two gondolas that will take you to the top on the giant globe. Do I need to tell you that the view is magnificent.

Here is another late one, you can easily forget the time when you have long days and short nights.

Late night in Stockholm

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