Spend a night at the top of the Globe

Spend a night in a gondolaAs a traveller you are more or less always looking for accommodation that stands out a little extra. If the hotel or accommodation can add something on top of the travel destination, wouldn’t that be like icing on the cake. That´s exact what AirBNB had in mind when they put together their special promotion or competitions.

Probably your shortest and longest night ever

Do you want to spend a night with Stockholm underneath you, at a altitude of 130 meters above the ground and the stars or even the midnight sun above you, well the sun is actually gone for a few hours but it’s not pitch dark though. This will happen just a few days after midsummer, the shortest night of the year. That’s what AirBNB offer, for two people at 9 square meters and one night only.
Great view over Stockholm

Like a bubble in the sky

Have you ever been in Stockholm and seen the huge golf ball just outside the centre? Back in 2010 they built two huge gondolas outside the Ericsson Globe arena that during daytime takes tourist to the top, believe me, it’s an understatement to say that the view is stunning. For a night only AirBNB rebuilds one of the gondolas to a one-room apartment that looks like nothing you have seen before, and did I mention the view.

On top of the globe, sorry on top of the stay over in the gondola the winner will also get a 3-course dinner at the centre court of Tele2 Arena, which is the newest and second largest football arena in Stockholm.


So how to attend in this competition?

It’s fairly easy, grab a cup of coffee or something stronger and jump up in your most comfortable sofa at home with your computer and just let the words fly. Your task is to write with a maximum of 100 words why you are the one and only to win the stay over in the gondola. Important, you have only until the 19 of June to be creative, sorry to say, the competition is only open for people living in Sweden. The stay over in the gondola will happen the 29/7, so make sure you can be in Stockholm that day and night.

This is not the first time that AirBNB is offering something spectacular like this. Earlier this year they offered a night on Holmenkollens top with a panorama of Oslo underneath you. They also offered a night in a lift in the French Alps as well as stay over at Andres Iniestas wine yard. Yea, AirBNB really likes to find spectacular destinations

Anyone out there who already have won any of AirBNB competitions for spectacular stay overs? Please comment below. If I’m going to take part in the competition mention above, you bet! And when you are at it, don’t miss “Seven thrilling things to do in Stockholm“.


Info about Ericsson Globe Arena

The Globe was built back in 1989 and is actually the biggest spherical building in the world. The gondolas was added to the Globe in 2010 and they will take you to an altitude of 130 meter above the ground.

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