St. Emilion – with a taste of Grand Cru

St.EmilionWalking among world famous vineyards

A fascinating place! If You ever plan a trip to Bordeaux don’t miss “le bijou” de St. Emilion. This small, beautiful and “pitoresque” french village, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999, is just magic!

St. Emilion, named after the Benedictine monk Emilion, is an absolutely beautiful place, situated 40km from the center of Bordeaux (less than one hour drive). Right here, in the center of St. Emilion you’ll find several vineyards or “Châteaux” that produces some of the most famous and tastiest red wines in the world, like Château Cheval Blanc or Château Ausone. Sounds like a rather nice place to visit, doesn’t it?

Few places in France can do it better! Due to the unspoiled character of the medieval-city,  the wine shops, gourmet restaurants, boutiques, hotels etc. St. Emilion has become a popular destination among tourist all around the world.

When You walk in the narrow streets of the medieval city of St. Emilion You will discover a really fascinating Romanesque church from the 8th century, carved into the rock (Grotto-church). It was Emilian, the monk, who started this work by carving a large cave in which he lived until his death in 787.

St. Emilion is just waiting to be explored!
The history of St Emilion is really interesting and I would say that it would be a good thing to spend some money on a guided tour, contact the local Tourist Office (Place des Créneaux – 33330 St.Emilion). Anders and I were lucky enough to have our friends Beatrice and Pierre, natives from the area, taking us for a late walk in the medieval city. It was really exciting to see and touch… shhh don’t tell, the leaves and the grapes from the prestigious vineyard  of Château Ausone.

Chez Béatrice & Pierre

Beatrice et Pierre

You really have to make a stop and visit the absolutely fantastic Antique Shop of Béatrice and Pierre (317, Grand Bigaroux – 33330 St. Sulpice de Faleyrens). This is like the “Caverne d’Ali Baba”, with real antiques from all over the world.  Béatrice and Pierre, who are real professionals, will be happy to explain the history of the objects they sell.

Objects for sale

The Antique Shop is situated 3min. by car from the center of St. Emilion. If You come from the center of Bordeaux heading towards St. Emilion You will pass just in front of the shop. Have a look, its absolutley worth it!



You have a huge choise of restaurants in the area, all from budget restaurants to luxury gourmet dining. Most of the restaurants in St. Emilion serve “french cuisine”. We went to a place called Amélia Canta (2, Place du Marché au Bois – 33330 St. Emilion), a really nice restaurant situated right in the charming center of St.Emilion. Amélia Canta has a large terasse which was bounded with people this warm summer evening. The food and the wine was excellent, I ordered a “Tartare du boeuf” as main dish  and a “Baba au rhum” for dessert.

I found the service accommodating and friendly, the atmosphere lovely (three musicians played some soft background music ) and the food really tasty. In the end the owner offered us a “petit digestif”, maybe we were extra well treated as my friends knew the owner…, that is hard to tell. Anyway, we spent an excellent evening in St. Emilion!


Book a hotel at Booking.comAs we were hosted by our friends we didn’t need any hotel accommodation for the night.

Just “magnifique”!
If You are looking for something really special, take a look at Hostellerie de Plaisance (Place du Clocher – 33330 St. Emilion). This excellent hotel and restaurant is situated in the heart of  the village of St. Emilion.

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