Want to be an Arabian Sheikh for a while

Burj Khalifa - the talest building in the world.. for now

Dubai is a lot more than only oil & sand.
We were recently in UAE or more precise Dubai, which is one of the more western friendly Emirates. You can say a lot of Dubai and it’s hard to sum it up in one sentence but I would say that it is a perfect mix between Las Vegas, New York and Egypt in one place. I know, you can’t really put a stamp on a destination, but Dubai differ so much to anything you have seen before, so it´s good to have an idea what you can expect before you put your feet on their ground for the first time.

A day at the beach

Our first couple of hours in Dubai we decided to spend at the Open Beach, not far from our hotel. It’s so nice to feel the heat from the sun and get rid of the pale look we had collected from many hard-working hours at the office the last couple of month. We asked the concierge at the front desk at our hotel about where to go and he looked stupidly at us. You can’t really walk there, it’s to dangerous, to many cars and no walkways he replied. Just talk the shuttle bus outside the hotel and you will get there safe and in time, which we did.
One thing to keep in mind, Dubai is a rather strict Muslim country. There are rules how to act and be dressed on the beaches, or actually everywhere in Dubai. It’s recommended for women to use a covered swimsuit instead of bikini. So in short, show respect for the citizens and they respect you. Anyway, you can find more information about the beaches in our Dubai info page.

Dinner at the Souk

The entrence of Souk Madinat

On the way back we decided to take a late lunch or early dinner if you like at Souk Madinat. A Souk is like a traditional Arabian market with restaurants, shops, gold, spices, yea nearly everything you might need after a day on the beach :). In Dubai you will find several nice Souks, please make sure that you don’t miss the spice & gold Souks in Deira. Anyway, we ended up in a restaurant with Lebanese food called Time of Arabia that suited us very well. If you are looking for a stay nearby Souk Madinat there are several nice hotels there as Mina a’Salam and Al QasrAfter a long a very tasty meal we headed back to the hotel with a local taxi and we where already looking forward to the next day and the visit to the tallest building in the world.

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Souk Madinat

Gold Souk in Deira

Spice Souk in Deira

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