Why not spend some days in Chalkidiki?

Take a nap

The sun is back in Kassandra

The first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to pull back the curtains and have a look trough the windows. Imagine my satisfaction when I saw this incredibly  blue sky without a singel cloud on it! As soon as I opened the sliding glass door to the balcony I recieved a breath of warm air. I made an instant decision, today I’m going for a swim in the crystal-clear blue waters of the Gulf of Toroni, that’s for sure!

A valuable choise! When we decided to spend a few days in Greece we  didn’t know a lot about the region of Halkidiki and the Kassandra penisula. After reading some reviews from people that had been visiting Kassandra recently we put our choise on a popular holiday resort named Hanioti. It seemed to be a really awesome place with its small and picturesque village, green pine trees and a pretty beach. We are really satisfied with our choise even if Hanioti isn’t as luxury as the Sani resort that we visited yesterday. Hanioti has a certain charm and the hotel and restaurant costs are in fact really price worthy.

Escape into the blue

A gorgeous beach

Beaches – With over 550km of coastline yo’ll probably find your own favorite. The choise of different beaches is considerable, some beaches are rather crowded while others are almost empty and well-kept secrets.

We did find our favorite beach by coincidence when we were looking for a nice place to have lunch the other day. We decided to have lunch in a luxury beach front hotel, the Aegean Melathron Hotel, situated within a 10min. drive from Hanioti between the villages of Kalithea and Kryopigi. When driving You can’t tell that there is a gorgeous beach just below, within a 5min. walk from the road, as you don’t see it!

We had a light lunch in a waterfront restaurant named “Beach bar Thalassa”. After the meal we left the private beach area of the hotel and after a short walk we found our own paradise beach (picture above). The contrast of the emerald water, the green of the pine trees and the soft white sand is really splendid.

* Halkidiki holds the highest number of EU Blue Flags in Greece.

Some places of interest

The Halkidiki or Chalkidiki region consists of the Kassandra, Sithonia and Athos penisula. Most tourists comes to the region for its beautiful beaches and the warm and sunny weather. To me that sounds like an excellent choice! Others, like to extend their holiday to more then the beach. The Halkidiki region offer a lot of interesting things to do and to visit. We arrived in Halkidiki for a 6 nights stay and two of the days were used to visit several sites in the area which we thought was a good compromise between sightseeing and sunbathing.

Upon arrival at the airport of Thessalonike we made the choise of renting a car for the week, which we didn’t regret!

Stunning beaches

  • The Holy Montain or Mount Athos in the penisula of Athos. A unique Orthodox community of monasteries (The boat cruise takes all day).
  • The Petralona Cave with its incredible stalagmites, stalactites and the prehistoric skull of the Petrolana man (about 45min. drive from Kassandra).
  • The monument of Aristotle in the “Aristotle Park” in the village of Stagira.
  • Byzantine Tower in the Nea Fokea village, Kassandra (see picture..)

Byzantine Tower

Other excursions in Halkidiki are : Wine tasting tours – Hiking tours – Athios village excursion – Bousoulas bird sanctuary hiking trail.

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